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Cancer Gene Database Development (CanGeneBase)

Bioinformatic tools and databases have had a substantial impact on many aspects of life science research. This trend has been accentuated by the fact that there are more than 1000 tools and databases that are freely available on the Internet. Surprisingly, while there are a few specific databases on cancer, a full-fledged comprehensive database for cancer is not available. Such a database would provide details on genes linked to cancer as well as relevant cancer information.Currently, at least 2885 genes are known to be involved in cancer either directly or indirectly. We have surveyed literature and various databases that are freely available, and have found that they are neither comprehensive nor updated. This is aimed at creating a comprehensive database that will include information on at least 2000 cancer-genes. The genes will be annotated by a set of 20 parameters, which have been selected by a genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and systems biology approaches. The parameters span the range from basic information such as GeneId, GeneCards and Cancer type to more detailed information such as drug trials, clinical aspects and metabolic pathways.

Information for the database have been collected from various sources, including existing databases and PubMed abstracts. The information will be populated in a SQL database and comprehensive query utilities for searching the database constructed. Additionally, a web interface also provided through search forms, a home page and links to existing cancer database.


Gopal Ramesh Kumar, Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini, Kalyanamoorthy Subha, Chinnasamy Perumal Rajadurai and Latha Prabakar (2009) CanGeneBase (CGB) - a database on cancer related genes. Bioinformation. 3(10),422-424. Pubmed


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