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In general, bioinformatics applications can be classified as Standalone applications and Online web applications. The major issue in biological sequence analysis using standalone tools and software is lack of better interface. In the case of online bioinformatics applications, most of the operations are remote side operations and privacy of data may not be guaranteed. To overcome those problems, we developed an enhanced live interface tool named as “Genomics Fox” for the functional analysis of 894 microbial organisms in a local computer machine. The user can able to perform comparative analysis of whole genome sequences of two microbial organisms using Genomics Fox Tool. This tool has been developed using XUL for front-end development and javascript as a high-level description language for user interface development. The developed source was mounted in live linux platform called Puppy Linux. This was designed as bootable disc, and hence it boot as operating system. The ultimate aim of this work is to provide an equivalent of basic Linux environment with program combination, customization, OS independent and user friendly genomic studies of microbial genome with open source license.

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