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Microbial Comparative Genomics Tool(MCGT)

Microbial Comparative Genomics Tool (MCGT) is a web-based tool developed for the purpose of comparing whole protein content of two microorganisms. Comparison of two genomes or more than two genomes is required to identify common genes and specific genes present in the set of the organism. This information is highly useful in drug discovery, phylogeny analysis and evolution. Even though many tools are available for comparative genomics, no tool is giving straightforward answer in terms of genes or proteins present commonly or specifically in an easily understandable format. The software developed by us will solve this problem and it also having other additional features which will be useful to get function for hypothetical proteins.

MCGT can display homologous as well as non-homologous gene information for two compared microorganisms in an easily visualized tabular format. It takes the total protein sequences of two organisms to be compared, automatically runs BLASTALL program at a specified E-value.


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