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Reconstruction of Genome-scale Metabolic Pathway is essential to understand cellular process in Escherichia coli K-12. The study on biochemical pathways in E.coli provides information on reaction catalogues to be modified to obtain maximum yield of in-dustrial products. ECO-MP, an E.coli metabolic pathway database is for analysis of biosynthetic pathway of metabolic network. The inten-tion of this database development is to help researchers in enabling them to gain knowledge on proteins not involved in any pathway and their subnetworks which can be used for filling metabolic holes. The categorization of E.coli sequences into available pathways, subnet-works constructed and those, whose pathways are not discovered yet, emphasize the works that are to be done to understand more about the industrially eminent organism.ECO-MP database is created by BLASTing protein se-quences of E.coli against KEGG database or by searching in KEGG-LIGAND. If pathway already exists, ECO-MP is directly linked to KEGG pathway otherwise it is linked to subnetworks generated in-house by using chemical reactions obtained from KEGG by network expansion method. ECO-MP facilitates user to reconstruct metabolic pathway in E. coli with around 217 sequences linked to subnetworks and 1504 sequences to available pathways. The subnetworks from ECO-MP can be employed to fill metabolic holes or create alterna-tive path by means of Network Expansion method.


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