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Breast Cancer Database

In pursuit of a better updated source including ‘omics’ information for breast cancer, Breast Cancer Database (BCDB) has been developed to provide the researcher with the quick overview of the Breast cancer disease and other relevant information. This database comprises of myriad of information about genes involved in breast cancer, its functions and drug molecules which are currently being used in the treatment of breast cancer. The data available in BCDB is retrieved from the biomedical research literature. It facilitates the user to search information on gene, its location in chromosome, functions and its importance in cancer diseases. Broadly, this can be queried by giving gene name, protein name and drug name. This database is platform independent, user friendly and freely accessible through internet. The data present in BCDB is directly linked to other on-line resources such as NCBI, PDB and PubMed. Hence, it can act as a complete web resource comprising gene sequences, drug structures and literature information related to breast cancer, which is not available in any other breast cancer database.


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