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Taxane Database

The emergence of phytochemicals as drug has made revolution in medicinal Chemistry. Taxanes are important phytochemicals with the varied properties of antitumour, antileukaemic and antineoplastic activity derived from Taxus spp. Paclitaxel is an anticancer drug was successfully used for the treatment of breast, ovarian, lung, head and neck cancer.The exploration of drugability and physicochemical properties of taxanes will definitely provide more insights towards more aggressive therapy for various forms of malignancies. TaxKB- a Taxane Knowledge base is an extensive database on more than 250 natural taxanes and 667 semi synthetic analogues with various physicochemical and drugability properties which is the key determinant of drug efficacy. It facilitates to view 2D structure and to download 3Dstructure file in a PDB format. The database also provides external links to various databases to retrieve the information about the specific compound and related compounds to enlighten the knowledge on taxanes.


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