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BIOINFOTRACKER-With the accelerated accumulation of genomic sequence data in the World Wide Web, it has become highly essential to understand the role of these sequences in the biological systems by incorporating various advanced research archetypes. The intricacy of handling such a huge data manually has increased the need to develop automated methods that can analyze enormous number of biological sequences and produce efficient results. This being the objective, we have developed a novel computational system, Bioinfotracker, for carrying out large-scale protein annotation. Different online tools operating on different strategies have been integrated in Bioinfotracker to facilitate automatic parsing of the results from all the tools and produce them in a useful table format. This facility will greatly reduce the burden of the hectic human parsing. Further, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is used as an interface within this tool that will greatly reduce the unwanted page refresh menace and bandwidth consumption. Thus, Bioinfotracker remains a well structured, species-independent, flexible and highly controlled functional analysis system for the protein sequences of any organism.


Gopal Ramesh Kumar, Ganesan Aravindhan , Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini and Radhakrishnan Sathish Kumar (2009) Bioinfotracker: A novel system for advanced genome functional insight. Journal of Biological Sequence. pp. 046-049. Link

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