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Subazini TK

Current Research

Augmentation of Lovastatin Production in Aspergillus terreus using systems biology.


Work Experience

  • Currently working as Postdoc in Chlamers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Worked as a CSIR-SRF in AU-KBC Research Centre.
  • Worked as a DIT-JRF in AU-KBC Research Centre.
  • Worked as a Bioinformatics Programmer in IBI Biosolutions, Chandigarh
  • Worked as a Project Assistant in Centre for DNA Fingerprinting, Hyderabad.
  • Worked as a Student trainee in Biotechnology Information Centre, Department of Biotechnology, CGO Complex, New Delhi.

Academic Profile

  • M.Tech Bioinformtics, SASTRA University, Tanjavur, India.
  • B.E Computer Science Engineering, Manonmanium Sundaranar University, India.

Research Interest

  • Metabolic Pathway Reconstruction
  • Biochemical Network analysis
  • Functional Genomics


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Gopal Ramesh Kumar, Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini and Ashok Selvaraj (2014) ECO-MP: E coli –Metabolic Pathway-Development of Genome-Scale Metabolic Pathway Database for Escherichia coli. Trends in Bioinformatics. Vol.7 (1): 7-12.


Ashok Selvaraj, Subazini Thankaswamy Kosalai, Rajadurai Chinnasamy Perumal, Subhashini Pitchai and Gopal Ramesh Kumar (2013) A Whole Genome pairwise Comparative and Functional analysis of Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA. ISRN Computational Biology. vol. 2013, Article ID 850179, 6 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/850179.


T.K.Subazini and G.Ramesh Kumar (2011) Characterization of Lovastatin biosynthetic cluster proteins in Aspergillus terreus strain ATCC 20542.Bioinformation 6(7): 250-254.


Chinnasamy Perumal Rajadurai,Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini and Gopal Ramesh Kumar (2011) An integrated re-annotation approach for functional predictions of hypothetical proteins in microbial genomes. Current Bioinformatics.Vol.6 (4):450-461.


Gopal Ramesh Kumar,* Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini, Kalyanamoorthy Subha, Chinnasamy Perumal Rajadurai, and Latha Prabakar. CanGeneBase (CGB) a database on cancer related genes Bioinformation 3(10) , 422–424 (2009)


Palani Kannan K, Subazini TK, Rajadurai CP, Naga Vignesh S and Ramesh Kumar G. Computational Motif Signature Discovery and Validation of Gene Prediction in Aspergillus terreus NIH 2624 Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics 2 , 13--19 (2009)


Gopal Ramesh Kumar, Ganesan Aravindhan, Thankaswamy Kosalai Subazini and Radhakrishnan Sathish Kumar.Bioinfotracker: A novel system for advanced genome functional insight Journal of Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis 1(3) , 046-049 (2009)


G. Aravindhan, R. Sathish Kumar, K. Subha, T.K.Subazini, Alpana Dey, Krishna Kant and G. Ramesh Kumar. AIM-BLAST-AJAX Interfaced Multisequence Blast Proteomics Insights :2 , 9-13 (2009)

Academic Acheivements

Awarded Intellectual Ventures – Asia 2008 for development of FGT-A Rapid tool for annotation of proteins for whole genome.



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