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NGS The advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is virtually changing Biology and Medicine forever. Since the first living organism was sequenced, now we have the full genomes of hundreds of viruses, thousands of bacteria, yeast, variety of plants, multiple humans, chimp, chicken, dog, and the list goes on. The 1000 genomes project got completed and exceeded the target. BGI is carrying out mega projects such as Million Plant & Animal Genomes Project, Million Human Genomes Project, and Million Micro-ecosystem Genomes Project. The challenge has now been shifted from sequencing to extracting knowledge from it.NGS technologies cover diverse application areas such as de novo sequencing, genome resequencing , exome sequencing, ChIP -sequencing, metagenomics etc. Thanks to the rapid development in technology in recent years, thousands of genomes involving human DNA and RNA sequencing are underway in numerous countries. Comparative analyses of human genome sequences, as well as other genomes form the basis to address questions such as: What specific biomarkers make cancer cells resistant to a drug? What are the causes of antibiotic resistance in TB, Malaria and other disease? Some of the major applications of NGS include: Diagnostics, Patient Stratification in Drug discovery, Personalized medicine, Biomarker discovery, Agriculture, Energy and Animal research. Currently we are focusing on the following areas in NGS:

  • 1. NGS data analysis
  • 2. Metagenomic analysis for novel drug candidates
  • 3. Patient stratification for drug discovery by using NGS
  • 4. Drug Repositioning using NGS
  • 5. Taxol metabolic pathway analysis from the genomes of Taxus, Coryllus, and Fungus
  • 6. Augmentation of Biotech products by NGS

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