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Nitric oxide, a gaseous signaling molecule, is implicated in various physiological events from vascular smooth muscle relaxation to blood vessel formation, extending to pathophysiology to patholgy, ranging from stroke to cancer.


The core research interest of Vascular Biology Lab is to understand the nitric oxide signaling in endothelium.









Recent Publications and patents…..


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Book Chapters

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  1. Awarded an International Patent by claiming anti-angiogenesis potential of sFRP4 with Prof. A. Dharmarajan, University of Western Australia (April 2007).

  2. Title: Anti-angiogenic agents and methods of their use
    Publication: WO/2007/115376
    International: PCT/AU2007/000477
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    Inventors : Suvro Chatterjee (Anna University)
                 Arunasalam Dharmarajan (University of Western Australia)
  1. Filed an Indian Patent by claiming anti-angiogenesis effect of pthalimide analogs.
  2. Title: N- substituted phthalimide derivatives as potential angiogenesis inhibitors
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    National Filing: 05.08.2011
    Date: 18.10.2007
    Inventors : Bikram Singh (IHBT)
         Suvro Chatterjee (Anna University)
         Arunasalam Dharmarajan (University of Western Australia)
         Neeraj Kumar (IHBT)
         Upendra Sharma (IHBT)

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