Consultancy Projects


Distribution of ions across cells defines cellular function especially that in excitable cells like those in the cardiac and neuronal systems. Therefore, cardio or neuro modulatory formulations are expected to work through these proteins known as ion channels. The Ion Channel Biology unit of the centre equipped with single/dual patch clamp set up, epifluorescence measuring microscope, and associated accessories offers specialized ion-channel based assays to identify ion channel targets for drugs/ formulations. In addition, effects of these compounds on electrically-active cells (cardiomyocytes & neurons) and non-excitable cells are also analysed. The set up offers wide range of services starting from screening to in-depth mechanistic analysis of cardio/ neuro related formulations and those on other types of cells.

  • Electrophysiological Analysis – Patch Clamp and Field Recordings: specialized ion-channel/receptor based assays to identify ion channel/receptor targets for drugs/ formulations/ toxins (including those from natural sources). In addition, effects of these compounds on electrically-active cells (cardiomyocytes & neurons) are also analyzed both in-vitro and in-vivo (avian). Techniques include recordings from primary cell culture, heterologous expression using Patch clamp and Field recording techniques on the heart/brain, any bioelectricity measurement.

  • Customised Assay development for specific studies including cardiovascular, neuronal, cellular oncology, specific disease models, plant biology assays involving cell biology and electrophysiology; Cell culture assays/services – Cell proliferation, toxicity assays etc.

  • Drug Target screening involving ion channels and receptors for most diseases – Heterologous expression in mammalian cell lines – ion channel/ receptor target based screening of analgesics, anti-arrhythmic drugs, HERG channel toxicity screens etc just to name a few.

  • In-Vitro Cell Based Assay for Anti-Cancer Drug Screening Techniques –Screening of Anti – Cancer molecules- 3D models- Cancer cell culture/ Assay services- Cell Proliferation/ Toxicity assays.

Support would be offered to choose the right screen/ assays based on the requirements of the project.

      ¢ Specific multipotent/pluripotent Stem cell differentiation studies.

      ¢ Avian in-vivo assays for cardiac function, cardiotoxicity etc.

      ¢ Ion channel Regulation studies as part of drug screening.

For further details please write to mentioning briefly about your requirement.