Research Facilities

The Life sciences division is equipped with major research instrumentation for physiological and biophysical studies. All of the faculty have independent research programs and well-equipped laboratories to carry out these programs. The division has a reasonably well-equipped cell and molecular biology core facility. Access to bioinformatics and molecular modeling tools is available through collaboration with the Centre for Biotechnology of Anna University. Department faculty members also have collaborative arrangements with other basic science and clinical departments in institutions in Chennai.

Specialized instruments

Raman spectrometer (Renishaw) & microscope (Leica)
Optical tweezer (custom around Nikon; TE2000)
Atomic Force Microscope
Double patch clamp setup
  • patch clamps (Axon; Axopatch 200B)
  • epifluorescence (Nikon; TE2000)
  • piezomanipulators (Burleigh; PCS5000)
patch clamp (Axon; Axopatch 200B)
Horizontal pipette puller (Sutter; P-97)
Single patch clamp setup:
  • patch clamp (Axon; Axopatch 200B)
  • epifluorescence (Nikon; TE2000)
  • piezomanipulators (Burleigh; PCS5000)
EMCCD camera
Integrating CCD camera

Core instruments:

-20 freezer
-80 freezer
Gel documentation setup
UV-VIS spectrophotometer
Vertical pipette puller (Narishige; PP830)
Microforge (Narishige; MF830)
  Milli-Q water purification system
  Preparative centrifuge
  Refrigerated microfuge





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